Welcome to BRC Performance

BRC Performance has over 35 years of experience providing superior quality forged aluminum pistons for virtually all performance applications. Our customers range from large distributors and high volume performance engine builders to racers who purchase only one set every few years.

Our mission is to treat each of our customers honestly and fairly, while providing them with state-of-the-art pistons and related products which meet or exceed their expectations. We accomplish this using advanced computer aided design, manufacturing processes based on the latest CNC technology, and particular attention to the unique needs of each of our customers.

We are a growing company. This growth is a direct result of living up to our reputation for providing quality products at reasonable prices, delivered timely.

If you are already using BRC Performance, we thank you. We will continue providing the quality products and service to which you are accustomed. If you are not yet using BRC Performance, we look forward to showing you what we can do.

Piston Features:

Our pistons are designed and manufactured for performance with the engine builder in mind. Our goal is to provide products that maximize performance while minimizing preparation and installation time and effort. 

                                        Standard Features:
Features which are standard on BRC Performance include:

  • Hollow domes which provide reduced weight;
  • Solid domes which may be machined to engine builder’s specifications;
  • Radius-flow domes for maximum horsepower and efficiency;
  • Valve pockets designed to accommodate the camshaft and valve angle for most heads;
  • Internal milling to reduce weight;
  • Forced pin oilers;
  • Balanced sets to within one gram;
  • Rigorous inspection to ensure quality.

Optional Features:
We provide a wide array of optional features, many at no additional cost. Examples are:

  • Offset wrist pins;
  • Various pin lengths;
  • Single, double, triple wound spirolocks, truarcs or wire pin locks;
  • Various bore sizes, including intermediate sizes;
  • Special alloys suited for each application;
  • Specially designed turned skirts, available in smooth and standard finishes;
  • Lock removal grooves.

Design and Manufacturing

BRC Performance skirts are designed to provide more stability in the bore by spreading the thrust load. This decreases flex in the cylinder and improves the ring seal, thus increasing horsepower. Our designs include internal pin oil holes that ensurelubrication of the wrist pin and bosses.

Most BRC stock pistons are complete except for the skirt. We finish your order with the bore you specify. This allows engine builders to get stock prices and delivery times even for custom bore sizes!

Quick Turnaround

Our computer-aided design and advanced CNC technology permit manufacture and shipment of custom designed pistons quickly and efficiently.

Our policy is to ship stock orders the same day, if received by 10 AM Eastern time; the next day, if received after 10 AM.


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